Pictures and Words

I take all of the pictures and write all of the words on this blog unless I cite otherwise. I own all exclusive rights to my work. I spend a great deal of time developing ideas, writing thoughts, and sharing recipes on this blog. This is my place to share my ideas and have a voice. I share my private thoughts, stories, and recipes here, so please be considerate and treat my work with the same respect and care that you would want someone else to treat your work with. So… let’s be cool and have a dialogue about food, life, and all the good stuff!

More About the Pictures

As you can tell, I am by no means a professional photographer. I mostly point and shoot… and then click “post.” I’ll be honest, I just don’t find it necessary to edit or color correct my pictures. I’m just trying to share a little bit about the food I like… and I’m not sure a rosy filter or  photoshop is necessary for me to share my love of the things around me with you. So. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it for the foreseeable future. Maybe I’ll change my mind later.


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