Hello! This is a quick list of the races that I have run or attempted, with the links to reviews, where applicable. If you have specific questions about the race, my experiences, please drop me a comment or email at kaprise@gmail.com and I’ll answer what I can.

My thoughts on running gear are here.


  • October: Baltimore Running Festival 5k


  • March: Carefirst BlueCross Blue Shield National Half Marathon
  • June: Baltimore 10 Miler (dropped – injured)
  • October: Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon
  • November: Rockland County Turkey Trot (DNF – illness)


  • January: Walt Disney World Half Marathon
  • March: SunTrust National Marathon
  • April: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
  • April: Maryland Half Marathon
  • July: San Francisco Marathon
  • October: Baltimore Running Festival
  • November: TCS: Annapolis Half Marathon



  • April: Nike Women’s Half (DC)
  • October: Baltimore Running Festival


  • ahem.


  • DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon (dropped – unprepared)
  • Brooklyn Rock and Roll Half Marathon (coming up!)

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