Friday Favorites (Link Love)

Good Morning!!!

In honor of rekindling my love affair with running, I wanted to share my running favorites with you. I started running when I realized during lacrosse practice that NO ONE else was enjoying those long training runs like I was… in fact I realized I only liked lacrosse for the running! So I joined cross country.

Over the years of running, I’ve come up with things that I like in my running gear. I’ve posted links where I found similar things to what I like.

  1. Hat. Always. A deep one that comes down to my ears and has a brim to protect my eyes from the sun. I have a Nike golf hat that is my all time favorite.
  2. I normally run with my MP3 player. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. I have a Sony W Series Walkman. Mine is the first generation and much bigger than the current ones, which are sleek and come in a few different colors.  
  3. Shirt? I have a variety of favorites so I won’t name them all. However, I look for things that have a comfortable and scooped neckline (don’t want to feel choked). I like things with slightly longer hems to cover my tush and prevent by belly shows if they ride up a bit. And I like my shirts to be cut loose. Those super slim shirts are not my favorite.
  4. Sports bra – I have a few of the Nike Pro-Fit ones and a few New Balance ones… but my general rules are thick fabric, thick banded around the bottom, and generous coverage. I tend to like sports bras that cover more. I’m a 34C and I like to have everything strapped down and secured. I don’t like bras with a lot of stretch because those chafe.
  5. Shoes – I am a diehard Brooks girl. I found them once in a clearance bin at Marshalls, and ever since I have been all over their shoes. The PureFlow ones are my favorite right now, but I also have been a faithful Adrenaline wearer for years now. Not sure about what shoes fit you? Brooks has this awesome shoe advisor
  6. Pants – I wear spandex. I like my spandex to be fitted, tight, and thick material. I also like them to have a drawstring waistband for easy adjustments. For winter, as it is now, I like Saucony and Frank Shorter
  7. Shorts – In the off case I do wear non-spandex shorts, I wear the Nike Tempos. Everyone has them. I think they run a little on the wonky-side of sizing, but they do the job and I can deal with the minor nuisances like the internal lining being HUGE.
  8. Watch – When I started training for my first marathon I had a lot of trouble keeping track of my mileage, so I bought the Nike+ GPS watch. Mine is the first generation one so it’s the standard black and green, but there are many more colors now and it’s supposed to be a bit slimmer.
  9. New – Vests. I recently purchased this Saucony Vest and I’m in love. It protects me from the wind, keeps my core warm, and provides extra storage. It also comes with a little light to help people see you in the dark. I’m contemplating order a few more colors.

These are some of the things that I love for running…What about you? Any running favorites? Share!!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (Link Love)

    • right?!! it’s awesome for running too! water resistant. a 3 min charge lasts 90 minutes and it’s light! plus none of that fighting with headphone cord while you run 🙂

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