Procrastination Links

I have two papers due tomorrow at noon… and I woke up late today. And then spent a large portion of the afternoon looking at kitties at the local petstore. I ate a burger and fries. And then I spent an hour napping. And then I spent about two hours surfing the web for recipes. And then I watched some online TV.

Since I did all that surfing, here are links for the interesting things I found today. 🙂 Most of them are recipes I want to try.

On an unrelated note, drafting contracts is truly a bore. It’s so technical and the way that each person reads something can be different. The point of a contract is to draft it in language that is clear to every single reader… and if the contract is unclear then it must be defensible in court because the language is as clear as could possibly be expected. I mean really. No wonder people in law school go crazy… the placement of “or” and “and” are crucial to the meaning, as are commas and semi colons. Each person is different and standard contracts are full of flaws. It makes you a bit of a basket case thinking about how someone could read your contract to read the exact opposite of what you thought you wrote. Perception. Trippy.



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