One Last Word

I very rarely talk politics… but dear god, another 4 years with someone who has absolutely no military experience commanding the world’s largest military. I value the lives of each and every single one of our armed forces, and it pains me to see that their leadership flags under the guide of someone with little to no military background, experience, or understanding. The military is complex and vastly different from any other organization, and if someone is called the Commander and Chief, they should be qualified and understand how the military operates.

And on a shallower note… I don’t know if I can really deal with another 4 years of Michelle Obama’s sleeveless arms in the White House. Or claims that she dresses well. I mean really… who belts their sweaters?

However, I am a proud member of the American public and I was so pleased to see how many people participated in the democratic process. It is our right and it is heartening to see so many taking it seriously. So. Go America!

3 thoughts on “One Last Word

  1. P.S. – Sorry I don’t catch your replies. I keep forgetting to check “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” You should just go back to Xanga =P

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