Six Mile Sunday

Seven Mile Sunday sounds good too… but I only did six. I ran 6 miles in 56:34 – which comes out to roughly 9:26/mile. I wasn’t planning on running much today, but I stuck my head out the door and it was just so beautiful I had to go. Half way through my run the sun broke out of a cloud and threw this gorgeous rainbow over the path I was running. It’s a shame I don’t run with my phone or camera because it was a truly stunning look.

Yesterday, I ran 3 miles in about 26 minutes and I came home and was immediately ill. I started having issues with headaches after runs about…. 2 years ago. I noticed that after particularly strenuous runs that I would come home, and be sick. The kind of headache that makes you want to vomit, your balance is off, and those pesky tears seep out of the corners of your eyes. The distance varies with how I’m feeling, but recently I’ve been getting headaches after my runs even though they are short ones. My failsafe? Drinking Gatorade. I’ve tried Powerade and other sports beverages, but none of them eliminate the pesky headache like Gatorade. I’m not really sure the cause, I’ve been told that it has to do with electrolyte levels, hydration issues, sodium levels, and finally (and most terrifyingly) issues with vessels in my brain. The point is… I found that drinking some Gatorade and choking back an electrolyte gel packet eliminates the headache. Yesterday? I forgot and I was in bed before 9:00pm snoozing off my migrane. Today? I remembered and I feel great.

I’ve been trying to vary my runs between distances and speeds because I realized I have not been getting sore after my runs. And I kind of LOVE that achy soreness you get from working out that just proves you actually DID work out. You know… that kind of groan when you sit because all of your muscles are protesting the beating you put them through? I LOVE THAT FEELING! I’ve also thrown in some light weight exercises, and occasionally I walk on the treadmill just to vary my workouts.

There is no point to this post. It’s kind of a ramble of running stuff I do. And. So. Thanks for reading. Also – let me know in the comments if you want some of my reviews on running gear. I always have trouble buying multiples of things because unless you field test it, all work out gear feels great!!





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