Oh yeah…

About those recipes. I swear they are coming.

Anyway – It was my birthday yesterday and this year I decided I just wanted to be alone so I went on a quick trip to Boston. I ran by the Charles River, wandered around alone, watched the symphony, and peacefully ate my lunches alone. I drove home yesterday, and today in honor of the “doing nothing” theme… I spent about 75% of my day prostrate in bed with a carton of chocolate and my laptop.

I’m feeling frustrated again. It’s just this bubbling frustration and anger about everything. I’m stuck and it sucks.

My friend told me that this is only so hard because it has taken me so long to fail… I’ve lead a relatively stress-free existence and had success without having to struggle for every single thing. Interesting theory.

I know I will be fine… but right now while I’m trying to move forward, all I feel is like I am sitting still. Being still. And it blows.

Another whiney post, but I’ll post recipes tomorrow after I get over the fact that I am a year older and feel so far behind again.


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