The Burn

So since I graduated from college, I have been plagued with heartburn. The kind that is so awful that my GP originally thought I had heart problems, for which I had my heart monitored and some such nonsense. Then we discovered it was a stomach issue, and I was put on a number of different medications, and tested for ulcers and a bunch of other ailments. At the end? No answer. I don’t take medication anymore because it ended up hurting me more.

Now, you are asking “what the f are you talking about your stomach for on a FOOD blog?” because I would ask the same thing. Personally, I find talking about anything stomach or bodily function related is rather vulgar… no one wants to know!!  But, I felt like I needed to write a bit about it because it does prevent me from posting occasionally. There are some things that I make and then I’m plagued with this awful chest tightness, and I have nothing positive to write about my food. I know it might not be the food, and it’s probably just this horrible thing I suffer from, but I just can’t bring myself to write about it.

And then, you know I could write about running, but when I feel this tightness in my chest, I’m loathe to run because it hurts.

Anyway, I made this wonderful pasta dish today, but for whatever reason my stomach is squeezing the breath out of my body, so I can’t write much more, but I did want to tell you that so many more recipes are coming.


xoxo ~h



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