Laughs (and poking fun)

Yesterday, while I was chatting with a friend about running and getting “in shape” he made a teensy faux paus and stated rather seriously, “I am in better shape than you.” Just to tease him,  today I texted him a picture of me running with the caption “Out running, since you think I’m fat.”

Poor guy…  The apologies haven’t stopped all day. I’m going to let him simmer in a little bit more suffering before I tell him I was just teasing.

Anyway!!! I walked on the treadmill yesterday while I watched some really terribly cheesy TV. I do have the stinking treadmill after all… may as well use it. Today, I woke up to a beautiful day. 40 degrees!! Once I saw that it was actually FOUR-ZERO, I raced to throw my room into a semblance of respectable before racing out to the lake to run. I did a respectable 3 miles in 27 something minutes. I have to make a conscious effort these days not to over-do the running since I do need some energy to sit and plow through legalese in preparation for the upcoming bar exam… so instead of hopping through another 3 miles, I stretched a little extra and walked out any kinks in my legs before heading back to study.

On that note… my semi-less-in-shape-butt will be getting back to studying…. HAHAHAAAA


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