It does NOT feel like Winter

Two days ago, I woke up to snowflakes gently floating down and coating everything. I was thrilled. I love snow!!! Anyway, I bolted out the door with my dog and camera so that I could take some pictures… I was outside for 30 minutes before the snow turned into hard, little bullets of rain. Booooooo.

Yesterday was unusually mild here, I’m told it was in the 60’s in Baltimore/D.C. but here in the NY Metro area it was a balmy 48 degrees.   Unheard of during the winter months, let alone 24 hours after a beautiful snowfall. The snow had all but melted away when I was out the door and driving off for a run.

I went to a park that I normally don’t go to… only to realize that the path was closed for the winter. Being the naughty person I am, I parked my car down the street and jogged into the park. Once I got to the path, I realized exactly why the path was closed. Between the hurricane late last year, the torrential rain, crazy winds, and all elements of weather the path had been eroded quite a bit. The first few minutes of my run were littered with huge rocks that had cascaded down the hillside and falled trees. At one point, there was a mangled bench lying across the path. It was totally unreal… but utterly fun.

It was obstacle running… I climbed over rocks, trees, and skirted huge holes filled with icy water. Most of my runs are on asphalt, and I don’t have to pay too much attention. I just have to get going and get into the zone. This was an all together different kind of running. I loved it! I’m definitely going to make an effort to run more trails and paths that are more challenging.

For those of you who are curious: I ran 4 miles in 47:39 (about 11:54/mile).

And some pictures of the snow from Monday!








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