Spinning Salad and Other Spinning

Recently, I’ve had a lot of “spinning” going on in my life. I recently fixed up a bike my sister gave me, and started biking. Unfortunately, every single time I try to get more of a work out in with the bike, I seem to run into problems. Flat tires, broken tire valves, broken air pumps, and getting the handle bars jammed inside my tiny car… my bike and I have been on the outs, but I’m hoping to solve this problem soon.

However, the one spinning thing  that hasn’t been giving me any trouble is my salad spinner. I bought the OXO Good Grips Little Spinner. I found mine at HomeGoods, but you can buy these are Bed, Bath, and Beyond or other stores that have OXO products.

This spinner is much smaller than the conventional “salad” size and it fits exactly the amount I need to spin greens dry for lunch and dinner. I’ll be honest, I’ve been using my spinner to dry small fruit, any greens that I’ve washed, and plain salad greens. I love pushing on the little knob and watching everything whirl around.

I contemplated getting this salad spinner for several months, but I am so glad that I got it. It gives me great satisfaction to wash my greens and other vegetables and fruits… and this translates into a lot of vegetables and fruits in my diet. Good stuff.

I wanted to share that tidbit since my cooking has been pretty low key… Lots of leftovers recently!

Have a good Wednesday all!

xoxo – H


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