One Thing At A Time (+Day 5)

At the beginning on the month, I challenged myself to run at least 2 miles every single day. So far, so good!! (Well… yesterday I only ran 1.5, but I made up for it by running 3 today).

Anyway, today I decided to do a little cleaning to get my closet in order to reflect my *new* healthy lifestyle of exercise every day. Man. I have to tell you… I have a problem. I know that I LOVE clothing, but I didn’t realize how much. Every single corner of my room is packed with clothing, shoes, and accessories. While I do wear and utilize almost every single thing I own, I also acknowledge that the sheer number of things I own is bordering on a “problem.” You know… the kind where someone sits you down and says “you have an addiction.”

I lived in a beautiful apartment with HUGE closets for the last three years, so it was easy to organize and hoard away… but now that I am living in a much smaller space, I have to manage my things much more carefully. I have to rotate out winter items and with this “rotating,” I’ve come to see that I have LOADS too many things. I’m getting together a huge box of things, and I’m going to donate them all to the Salvation Army. Someone out there will actually “need” some of these things and I certainly do not.

So. In addition to my 30 days of running/biking every day, I’m putting myself on a 100% clothing spending freeze and I am also taking the liberty of limiting my credit card access for food only. It might be a bit drastic, but having seen the sheer number of unnecessary and frivolous items I’ve accumulated over the years, I think it’s fair that I do without for quite some time.

What goals are you setting for yourself?


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