Impending Doom for Xanga

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I got my start with online diary, blogging, what have you at It’s an online community and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

I have been keeping an online journal on since 2001, and a few years back I move here to I felt that this was a more appropriate venue for my food-loving self. It was a step in a grown-up direction for me to channel my creativity in a positive way. Xanga had been a place for me to express my feelings, and I wanted to share more than my thoughts with world. I still kept my Xanga profile and continued to update when I needed to. It was a place for me to express my feelings and feel supported by my online friends. I never felt judged, criticized, or discouraged in that online space, instead I felt accepted and loved. It’s an interesting dynamic since so much of the online space outside of Xanga is so negative. Anyway, this is why Xanga has always been special to me, because the friends that I met in that space were kind, thoughtful, and always supportive. They didn’t even know me, but they cared for me and I cared for them.

All the mush aside, I recently learned that Xanga is having some growing pains and without proper funding they will be shutting down in July. This news makes me exceedingly sad because Xanga has been a long standing place for me to be myself! My online journaling started on Xanga when I was just in high school and has continued to this day. For me, this online space where I exist would be completely strange without Xanga!

I’ve made the appropriate financial gesture for my position (unemployed), but now I’m putting the news out there that Xanga is seeking funding for a relaunch. You can find more information at the two links below. It is a long standing blogging community, and the community deserves to continue and support all of the people that use the service to connect, to express themselves, and to be loved by their online peers. I think it would be tragic to let the Xanga community go because of something as silly as money.



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