Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday during the summer, I stop at the local farmer’s market. To me, there is something utterly magical about farmer’s markets. I always feel satisfied and very zen when I leave. There is something beautiful about talking to the hardworking families about the fresh produce and how to cook… it’s really more about how to live.

The farmer’s market near my home now is small, but it has everything I need. There is an organic produce stand, a local beekeeper, grassfed meats, a local distillery, local eggs, and a cheesemaker. There are a few other stands, but those are the ones I frequent the most.

Last week, I bought a small brick of beeswax and polished all of the wood cutting boards in the kitchen. It was so satisfying being able to do some small task that instantly brightened my kitchen and utilized something from a nearby farm. I am still happy about… okay… thrilled. I keep showing the shiny boards to my family and they’re bored of me and my boards!!

Today, I bought a bunch of kale, some beets, summer spinach, honey, and a pint of blueberry ice cream. I just ate some of the ice cream, and let me tell you – amazing.

Anyway, I’ve been staring at my computer trying to do work all day, so I’m taking a break from beating myself up, to share my little thoughts on farmer’s markets.

Oh… and of course, remember – support the farmers! It’s always good to support local production! It’s fresher, better, and supports local small businesses. Always a good thing in my book.

Alright. Live well everyone!

Until next time!


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