Finding a Better Source for Fish

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a keen sense of smell and I’m often bothered by the smell of my food. This week, I went to the fishmonger in a local grocery. They tend to be pretty clean, and there is none of that spoilt fish smell which is the reason why I buy fish there. I bought a pound of cod and a pound of shrimp. However, upon coming home and opening the packages I was overwhelmed by the smell of bleach on the fish. I rinsed the fish several times in cool water but I was still smelling bleach on the fish. ¬†Fish should smell like fish, not some sort of chemical.

Since I had company, I prepared my shrimp cocktail and my cod since I had nothing else. The shrimp was completely devoid of flavor and combined with my suspicions, I couldn’t eat anymore than a bite. I seasoned the cod with soy, ginger, and garlic scapes so the scent was less prominent, but again because I had smelled bleach on my fish, I didn’t want to eat it.

I’m not sure if anyone would have noticed, but the sickening smell of bleach on my food really turned me off. I did a little research, and apparently adding a few tablespoons of antimicrobial agents to the water and ice that fishmongers use is not uncommon. It helps prevent spoilage and extend the life of the fish.

Whether this is not unheard of… I’m disgusted. Bleach can’t possibly be good for you, and I am going to actively avoid consuming chemicals.