Happy New Years!

I realize I am a few days late, but I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy HAPPY New Years!

I always feel a great sense of relief at the New Year mark each year… I feel like a fresh gust of cold air has arrived to sweep away all of the gray and dreary things to only leave the sparkling and wonderful things in life.

So. In honor of the New Year and feeling clean, refreshed, and happy… I have been earnestly applying myself to all of the things I want and need to accomplish. I have promised myself only to live happily… a complex thought, but really just a goal to remind myself to be happy.

I hope that you all have started off on a happy foot, and I hope that all of you have a bright and beautiful 2014 ahead of you. I, for one, and excited for this new year… the clean slate!

love, hugs, and all things good!! -h


Ushering In the New Year

Happy New Years 2012! ¬†We all usher our New Year in with different traditions, some drink champagne and squeeze into the corrals in Time Square. Others gather with dear friends. And if you are like my younger sister, she flies across the country with her snowboard and spends the last daylight hours of the year swooping down snowy slopes. However, if you are like me, you’ll spend the last day of the year cleaning out your room and throwing out the clutter that has accumulated and making room for the new memories and new things that will come. Of course, the cleaning is generously interspersed with some TV, chocolate, chatting with your older sister, and teasing the dog.

I make a long list of resolutions every single year, but I often get distracted from these resolutions or find myself forgetting what I had promised. So, I wrote myself just a few. Simple. Easy. And utterly achievable.

  1. Write more here.
  2. Run more.
  3. Study harder.

What are your resolutions??