2014 and 14 things about ME!

The first week of the NEW Year is almost up! But, I thought I’d come and say hello again even though I haven’t a single recipe to share (well, I do, but I didn’t take pictures….). I was wandering across the blogesphere and I noticed a lot of people had these little 15 things about me, or 50 things about me posts. I love that kind of thing! Mostly because I’m supremely curious about people… I just want to KNOW things! Anyway, I thought I’d pop in and write up my own, since I haven’t shared much about myself.

Oh… and I tag ALL of you. Tell me 14 things about you! I want to know!!!

  1. I am a grown up, but I struggle with that idea. I’m just a girl, dude.
  2. I am an excellent speller, but in 5th grade I lost the spelling bee because I misspelled California.
  3. My dog is a lhasa apso. She is currently snoring her head off her plushy bed.
  4. I believe in second chances, sometimes in 3rd and 4ths too.
  5. I graduated from law school a while back, but I teach for a living (hahhhh, with that pay maybe it’s 1/2 a living)
  6. I love running. I’ve run 3 10 milers, 10 half marathons, and 1 full marathon since 2010. I’m thinking about running another marathon in March.
  7. I have terrible eyesight, so I need my glasses or contacts to see anything
  8. My favorite seasons are summer and fall (spring comes in last since I get hayfever)
  9. Today, my computer told me it was running out of space and I needed to delete things! So I finally went through my 30,000 pictures and deleted the blurry ones
  10. I buy books at the airport based on how many pages are in the book. I read quickly, so I try to buy as many pages as possible to keep myself entertained
  11. I love junk food… candy, chocolate, cookies, brownies, and french fries are regulars in my diet (ooops)
  12. I adore getting dressed up. I love putting on pretty clothing and doing fun things.
  13. I prefer red wines and whiskeys to any other type of alcohol. And yes, I can hold my liquor.
  14. I love picking fruit… like anything at all. There is something extremely satisfying to me about picking fruit. I’m planning on a bigger garden this year so I can grow vegetables!

So… I pass the baton to you. Tell me 14 things about you! In honor of 2014. 🙂