Tick Tick Tick

I like lists of all kinds…. mostly on post-its because they stick and come in fun colors.

Since it is the end of the semester, I have been making lists of things I need to do. Pages I need to read, outlines I need to make, classes I need to go to, the workouts I must do, and these little lists keep piling up. Sometimes I lose these lists. But the one list I never lose is the little one with neat lines of ingredients for my next kitchen project…. sometimes I have lots of little ideas. Like today…. beef stroganoff? beef wellington!? chicken pot pie?! almond butter croissants? Risotto with fragrant port wine mushrooms? Cabbage wrapped empanadas? gingersnap cheesecake? sour cherry hand pies? spinach feta triangles? roasted chicken? braised pork loin?

I’ll be back later tonight with my project.

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