Cinnamon Peanut Banana Smoothie

Since finishing grad school, it has been a struggle to find the time to work out and stay healthy.

I’m often found, late at night, in my kitchen pulling piping hot homemade pizza out of the oven. Because, after a long day of work and stress –  homemade pizza drenched in fragrant tomatoes and cheese is the only thing that makes it all seem better.

And while it is DELICIOUS. I’m trying not to continue the trend of late night pizza and frying mac and cheese (yes, it is actually amazing) because eating pounds of cheese and carbs chased with some black cocoa brownies is really just not okay (my pants have informed me of this).

So…. after puttering around the kitchen this morning and mumbling to myself about eating black truffle potato chips and french onion dip for breakfast…. I whipped together this smoothie and put the chips back in the pantry.

It’s delicious, filling, and most of all easy to put together.

Cinnamon Peanut Banana Smoothie (Kaprise Kitchen’s substitute for chips for breakfast)

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (I used chunky)
  • 1 slice of fresh ginger (I love ginger so I used… a huge slice, but feel free to scale accordingly)
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • pinch of nutmeg
  1. Put it all in a blender and whizzzzzzzzz together
  2. Drink.


** You could also toss a sprinkle of cocoa powder for some extra dessert like flavor, or some vanilla extract, maca powder, chia seed, hemp seed…. or anything that you like!

*** No pictures because we all know that blended brown and yellow things don’t make for pretty pictures. But…. in the world of smoothies, it just has to be really yummy!


The Sanctuary

When I was younger,  I would banish everyone in the family from the kitchen as I baked. It was my sanctuary, and I was ferocious about protecting it. In a weaker moment and a moment of poor judgment, I threw a still fairly hot baking sheet filled with cookies at the entrance to scare my younger sister out of the kitchen (and for those of you who are younger sisters – I commend your grit, determination, and for putting up with your older siblings… because the older sisters/brothers are a tough bunch). Needless to say, that spazz out got me a stern talking to from my parents, and a good load of embarrassment that I live with to this day. I mean really… what on earth was I thinking?

My parents, with their usual calm approach, told me that I should be the person I want to meet in my life. They told me that throwing things is not the right way to communicate, and because she is my sister – that I had a duty to protect her, just as she protects me. My parents are pretty damn cool, if I say so myself.

As I have gotten older, I realize much more of their wisdom… They always provided me a sanctuary, so to speak. They protected me, and still do, from the onslaught of anything that would hurt me… They are the protecting type. So, it should be no surprise that in my very suburban neighborhood with few pests and animals – our property manages to attract  all of them. My father was never one to shoo away the nesting birds, and he would leave the acorns for the frantic little squirrels, even if it made it difficult to mow the lawn. My mother would shoo us away from the little bunnies that popped up now and again in our yard, and help the birds stay away from the reflective windows so they wouldn’t get hurt. They respect every single living thing…. I remember my mother gently scooping a black ant onto a piece of paper and depositing him outside, softly admonishing the ant to “go home.” And when my father smushed a very toxic looking spider – he and my mother both said they were sorry, but he was too dangerous since there were kids in the house. (My younger sister was horrified that they would kill the spider, and burst into angry tears that they would kill anything – needless to say we are of the “scoop and release” variety of human. I’m pretty sure that green spider is the same guy I keep depositing outside).

For a while we had a problem with burrowing little chipmunks, and my mother just redirected their tunnels away from the house so they could live and we could enjoy the yard. We also have a resident skunk, that occasionally waddles past my office window and all you can see in the darkness is his bright white stripe.

Save the dandelions that my father abhors because of their itchy pollen, our lawn is dotted with crab grass (a sin in the suburbs here), clover (another sin), and all sorts of different kinds of greenery. My parents never took much stock in having one of those uniform green lawns, and my mother loved the wild little flowers that would grace us in the spring. I particularly love the quiet little violets that spring up under the trees during the summer months.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles about human cruelty to animals. Between the fishing baby dolphins out of the ocean to poke and prod on the beach until they die to the horrifying instructions on how to get rid of “vermin” in the yard… it’s a lot to take in. Yes, our house has a resident woodpecker that likes to take chunks out of the trees in the yard, and will occasionally (for fun, I swear that bastard likes waking me up) peck his feathered head against my wooden window frame…. and yes, we have tons of little chipmunks squeaking all over the place. The badgers love running through the moss… and the deer will hang out (like actually sit down) in the yard… but they do not really do anything to us. Sure, the deer and bunnies like to chow down on my garden in the spring and it frustrates me to no end when my heirloom tomato plants are stripped naked – but would I resort to anything so catastrophic like killing the little buggers? No.

My parents joke a lot about how our family home is the neighborhoods sanctuary since even the blue jays and cardinals seem to get along here – but I think it’s an important thing to realize. We can have our home, and the animals can have theirs too. Sure, it’s a little annoying when my tomato plants are naked and that woodpecker (I call him Theodore) wakes me up at 5:55am on Sundays), but they do not make my home any less of a home. And, truth be told, I’d miss the little creatures. They are fascinating.

So. This has nothing to do with food (save for my opening thoughts), but I thought it was an important idea to share about making life more sustainable for everyone. We can do it all… and I think it’s important to provide a sanctuary for the people in your life, the creatures you encounter, and everyone. We can make room.


It’s been 7 months since I wrote here… and when I realized how long it had been I sighed to myself. Muttering about how I can’t stay consistent and beating myself up about my on again, off again blogging. But then… I remember that it’s 2016, which means it has been 15 years since I first started writing my thoughts online. I originally started my blog on a different platform – sharing my heartbreak, pains of being a young adult, and my little recipes on how to make flourless chocolate cake and such.

I have had my fair share of struggles in the last few years… struggling with self doubt and insecurity, and other growing pains for twenty-something year olds. I had a lot of anger and disappointment, more than I ever want to admit… but the one thing that has held true through it all is my deep and unwavering love of the things that make me happy.


My family, even when they drive me nuts, will always make me laugh, support me and love me… and for them, I am eternally grateful. My friends, because everyone needs a few good ones, and I have that good bunch of friends. And all of the beautiful people I’ve encountered – they have made everything just that much better.

Of course, this is a blog about food and such, so I am thankful every single day for all of the people that love food as much as me and dedicate so much time to posting recipes and fun things online for me to read. I am thankful for everything… even the crappy stuff, because it makes me appreciate everything so much more.

So, 2016 will be the year of persistence, happiness, and all beautiful things.





It has been a while… but Happy New Years! I am sitting at my desk watching the snow fall, and really loving the snow. I love the quiet whiteness, the blanket that covers everything.

2014 was a wonderful year… I accomplished my two biggest goals, and so it only makes sense that I set 2015 off with the same lofty goals. I have quite a few, but I think the ones that are the most important and applicable to this blog and my audience are those that are related to health.

I promise that in 2015 that I will try to exercise more and harder and with an open mind. Up until recently, my only exercise was to put on a pair of sneakers and run until I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. I actually signed up for the gym, and have had some lessons with a personal trainer. It’s been great to get out of the box! Plus, with the perks of my gym, I’ve been hitting the pool to swim laps, and to take an occasional spin class. I have to tell you… I love spin class. LOVE it! Enough to haul my ass out of bed at 5:00am in single digit weather!

I promise to cook more. I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted to in the kitchen…. when I did it was for convoluted, long projects that didn’t materialize on the blog or that I deemed to fussy to mess with. So, I want to focus on the good food, and spending time making delicious meals. I need to… because after working in the West Village and spending my entire paycheck on lobster rolls, steak tartare, and other ridiculousness I gained a solid 10 pounds because portion control is SO much harder when someone else cooks. So here is to cooking, taking care of myself, and really enjoying my food.

Finally… my catch all that I promise myself every year… I promise to be bright and happy. I promise to look at all the good in the world and focus on the good.

I am sending my love to everyone that has stayed with me here over the years, and I promise to come back more often with delicious food, exercise ideas, and other updates.

❤ h

Lemon Tea Shampoo

I know, I know… another recipe that isn’t food related! But, since this blog is more about how I love food and all the goods things, I think this is a good fit too. I believe in only eating the best and most delicious food… so it only makes sense that you should treat your entire body with the best ingredients too.

I stopped using commercial shampoo last year because it was affecting my scalp. I was getting red sores and a number of generally unpleasant symptoms. I originally thought it was because my hair had gotten to heavy and long… so I chopped it off. Then I stopped using shampoo, and my scalp stopped bleeding (so gross right?).

Anyway, these days I wash my hair with “shampoo” every few days and just water wash it the other days. The neurotic person in me can’t stop taking a shower and scrubbing myself from head to toe, so instead I take it easy on the soap. This is what I use… I tend to use this little mix twice a week. Remember that less is always better and that you should rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly and with cold water. I’ve found that the blast of cold water I drench my hair in at the end of my shower helps keep the shine and my scalp from flaking or otherwise misbehaving on me.

Lemon Tea Shampoo (pulled from all over the web)

  • 1 cup of tea
  • juice of 1/2 lemon (about 1 tablespoon)
  • 1/4 cup of castile soap (I used Dr. Bronners’ mint)
  • 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil
  1. In a squeeze bottle, combine all the ingredients and gently swirl to combine.
  2. When using in the shower, shake the ingredients together and apply a small amount evenly over your hair. Rinse thoroughly and finish with cold water.
  3. If you find that this shampoo is a bit strong for you, dilute with water.


🙂 I hope you enjoy this alternative to commercial shampoo… what hair secrets do you have??

Round Two

I guess I was not prepared enough for the bar. NYS results came back, and I’m retaking it in February. I had a bit of a premonition when I took it. It was just so freaking hard. I think it works out for the best, because even if I passed, I knew I didn’t score high enough of the multi-state section to waive into D.C… so this time I’ll just score high enough to waive in to D.C. Works out 🙂

So… some pictures I took today of Hurricane Sandy’s damage. 


Things to Smile About

My aunt is visiting with my her family dog… I love my family. They are just so out of left field. My aunt is sprawled out on the living room carpet singing nonsense to the my dog and her dog. And while I find the singing to be totally absurd and out of a circus, she’s managed to get both hyper little puppies sound asleep. It’s a picturesque moment.

Anyway. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days that have made me laugh and smile.





Who knew????

Seriously. Who knew that 3 weeks traveling abroad, followed by back to back road trips to help family and friends get settled into new apartments and places would result in an early run-in with the flu? I guess I over did it?

I just returned from Boston on Sunday at 11:00pm after a whirlwind 25 hours of full on crazy. My dear little cousin just moved to Boston to start work a couple weeks ago… and since she has been swamped with work, we planned a quick trip to get her settled. We did 7 hours of bargain hunting on Saturday night and outfitted her with new towels, sheets, a foam mattress topper, mirrors, work suitable clothing, cute shoes, and a million other odds and ends. At the end of the trip it took us 4 trips from my car to unload and unpack. At midnight, we finally had finished, slapped on some crazy party makeup and zipped into little dresses before we were out dancing…. and then we met some random people and partied until the sun came up. Weird? Probably. After a quick nap, J and I were back to bargain hunting to finish outfitting her place. The minute I got her settled, I hopped in the car and drove home as the sun set.

I woke up on Monday feeling a little under the weather. After walking my dog and breaking out into a cold sweat, I determined that I was indeed sick. Fever, chills, and some major crankiness later… I’m feeling better. So. Happy Friday. I’ve slept away the entire week to battle my cold.

And since there has been a serious lack of pictures… here are some:


The cutest little cup holder… It’s a little bear! Is Dunkin Donuts this cute in the United States???


Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport at 3:30am…. Completely empty!!

Oh look…

I’m back… as promised!

So… I spent a few days with my older sister and whipped up some things for her to eat through the week. She’s an intern, so she spends a lot of time at the hospital and very little time at home. Since she spends so little time at home, it’s obviously difficult to find delicious and healthy meals to whip up in short periods of time.

This time I made roasted root vegetables and meatballs. Meatballs get popped in the freezer to be cooked freshly each day and the root vegetables are roasted all at once and refrigerated to be eaten for a couple days. S commented that how I made roasted vegetables are better than the way most people make them…

I laughed, because the key to having really delicious roasted vegetables is patience. There is a distinct difference between the temperatures at which vegetables are cooked that makes them more or less palatable… and how long you cook them.

The general rules I follow when roasting vegetables: (At some point, I’ll get more specific and even bring pictures!!)

  1. Use good quality olive oil, salt and pepper. I normally coat the baking sheet with a light coat of oil, toss the vegetables on the sheet with another generous drizzle of oil with the salt and pepper
  2. Space the vegetables out – the closer the vegetables are, the more likely they are to steam instead of roast… and you end up with uneven slices and soggy vegetables
  3. Roast at higher temperatures. I normally roast my vegetables at 425 F or 450 F. The higher temperature helps the vegetables get that desirable golden crust and cooks the insides of the root vegetables into a fluffy texture.
  4. Roast longer. There is a distinct difference between well cooked vegetables and undercooked. I think this is what sets my roasted vegetables apart from most others… I cook mine for a LONG time. I normally put a tray of cauliflower and carrots into the oven at 425 F for 65 minutes. Most recipes I’ve seen for comparable roasted vegetables say about 30 minutes. Vegetables take on an entirely different texture once they have been roasted for longer. Sweet potatoes start to caramelize and take on a chewy texture that rivals the best caramels. Carrots become plush but toothsome bites that are like distilled sunshine.
  5. Rotate generously – I rotate my pans about 3 or 4 times. I often switch from the bottom to top racks to ensure that the vegetables roast evenly and flip the pans around so everything is browned nicely.

Next time? There will be pictures. So many pictures.



I swear

… no seriously… this time I swear that I will update more frequently. You know how I know? I’m so totally unemployed… hunting for a job and sitting around eating chocolate. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to do some self-exploring and update here more frequently. 

Even amongst my closest friends, most don’t know about all of the little things that I do to occupy my time. I don’t sleep very much (and as I say this I’m laughing, since last night I actually slept 14 uninterrupted hours), but since my days are normally a bit longer than most people and I’m antsy, I occupy myself with books, craft projects, and learning new little skills… I have a laundry list of things I like doing. And now? Now is the opportunity for me to share my insights and my weird little life with you.

So… Since I last posted. I was in the throes of studying for the NY/NJ bar exam. I took the NY and NJ bar exams at the end of July. Then I drove to DC for a weekend trip. Then I went to Korea. I went to Thailand. I went to Cambodia. I came home to New York. I drove up to Buffalo. I went paddleboarding. I drove home. And this weekend I drive to Boston.

I traveled a ton… and I realized that I really need to keep my camera with me more often…. those beautiful moments in life are just so fleeting, I hope to capture more of them in film (well… digitally since I don’t have a film camera… though…. maybe I should take up film???).

Anyway… in the coming days I will tell you more about my travels and my plans and projects!!!