I swear

… no seriously… this time I swear that I will update more frequently. You know how I know? I’m so totally unemployed… hunting for a job and sitting around eating chocolate. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to do some self-exploring and update here more frequently. 

Even amongst my closest friends, most don’t know about all of the little things that I do to occupy my time. I don’t sleep very much (and as I say this I’m laughing, since last night I actually slept 14 uninterrupted hours), but since my days are normally a bit longer than most people and I’m antsy, I occupy myself with books, craft projects, and learning new little skills… I have a laundry list of things I like doing. And now? Now is the opportunity for me to share my insights and my weird little life with you.

So… Since I last posted. I was in the throes of studying for the NY/NJ bar exam. I took the NY and NJ bar exams at the end of July. Then I drove to DC for a weekend trip. Then I went to Korea. I went to Thailand. I went to Cambodia. I came home to New York. I drove up to Buffalo. I went paddleboarding. I drove home. And this weekend I drive to Boston.

I traveled a ton… and I realized that I really need to keep my camera with me more often…. those beautiful moments in life are just so fleeting, I hope to capture more of them in film (well… digitally since I don’t have a film camera… though…. maybe I should take up film???).

Anyway… in the coming days I will tell you more about my travels and my plans and projects!!! 




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