It’s been 7 months since I wrote here… and when I realized how long it had been I sighed to myself. Muttering about how I can’t stay consistent and beating myself up about my on again, off again blogging. But then… I remember that it’s 2016, which means it has been 15 years since I first started writing my thoughts online. I originally started my blog on a different platform – sharing my heartbreak, pains of being a young adult, and my little recipes on how to make flourless chocolate cake and such.

I have had my fair share of struggles in the last few years… struggling with self doubt and insecurity, and other growing pains for twenty-something year olds. I had a lot of anger and disappointment, more than I ever want to admit… but the one thing that has held true through it all is my deep and unwavering love of the things that make me happy.


My family, even when they drive me nuts, will always make me laugh, support me and love me… and for them, I am eternally grateful. My friends, because everyone needs a few good ones, and I have that good bunch of friends. And all of the beautiful people I’ve encountered – they have made everything just that much better.

Of course, this is a blog about food and such, so I am thankful every single day for all of the people that love food as much as me and dedicate so much time to posting recipes and fun things online for me to read. I am thankful for everything… even the crappy stuff, because it makes me appreciate everything so much more.

So, 2016 will be the year of persistence, happiness, and all beautiful things.



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