Fresh Chickpeas


I woke up on Friday with a horrible cold, but one of my dear friends took me to the Korean supermarket to perk me up. Nothing like spending a little money and buying food to cheer me up!

I bought a plethora of my favorite things (recipes for those to come soon), but I spotted these in the produce section. Fresh chickpeas! I walked by the first time, but I couldn’t resist buying one bag because I needed to know what those mushy little yellow things from the can look like in real life.

This little bag was only $2.56 and I got about two cups of chickpeas, once I had shelled the whole bunch. The little shells are velvety on the outside and shiny smooth on the inside. The chickpeas come in one or two per pod and vary in size. Raw they taste similar to raw green beans and have a delicious crunch. I haven’t tried cooking them yet, but I’ll update you on what they taste like then.


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