I’m in the middle of writing this horribly long paper… It’s due on Friday and the sample we were given is 40 pages long of really well reasoned arguments. I was sick for a week, I procrastinated for 5 days, I napped at the library while researching and now I’m three days for the 6:00pm deadline and wringing my fingers and writing like a nut job. I also found this amazing article related to my research…. oh boy.

Anyway, I did just want to say oh heeyyy and tell you that I will be back with some great recipes this weekend after I’m done with my self-imposed torture. Yes. I know. I could have done more work earlier… but then you wouldn’t know that when I’ m in crunch mode I eat random things. Like rotisserie chicken I originally bought for my dog… but I just can’t be bothered to go find something else to eat. I’m anchored here in my chair until I’m done!!!!


Did I mention I don’t have internet at home, so I’m just gently borrowing someone else’s bandwidth? Oops.


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