Sounds like something I would garble to a friend while drinking a little too much wine. NBPM (as I will call it, because I can hear myself saying NAHHHH.BLAHHH.POOOO.MOOO at a bar just to be weird!) basically means you blog every day for a month. It might be a little late for the month of February, but I have decided to do it anyway. Mainly because I’m STILL procrastinating while writing my paper… but I figured I was allowed one solitary hour of serious procrastination this morning because I actually got to the library at 8:00am.

I don’t have anything particularly important to say this morning. Or anything food related to share… mainly because this entire week I have been consumed by this absurd paper that I can’t seem to get into. I can’t focus. I have been up until 3:00am most mornings staring at my screen and my research thinking “Wow. This is crap.” And yes, this whole paper is self-imposed. I could have opted out… instead I committed and now I’m stuck. And since the month of February NBPM is “CHARACTER” we can just write this horrible experience off as “character building”… or maybe the exercise of my horrible characteristics of procrastination (and propensity for falling asleep on my laptop).

Anyway, since I’m here, I’ll share with you how I prepare for a week of school in terms of food.

I buy just enough for 5 days, because by the end of 5 days I’m itching to run errands (yes. I like running errands). This week was busy, so I bought things that were easy. Salad, roasted chicken, and the makings for burritos. Eggs and a small loaf of bread. Some vegetables and fruit.

Fruit – This week I had grapefruit, red seedless grapes, pommello, blood oranges, and Korean pears. I wash and dry most of the fruit and pack it in containers so I can just grab and go. The Korean pear and grapefruit are harder to enjoy pre-sliced/washed so I just slice these in half and enjoy them while I’m working.

Vegetables – This week, in addition to the normal carrots and celery and salad greens, I had some bok choy and brussel sprouts and some Korean sweet potato. The bok choy and brussel sprouts were washed and packed into single serving sizes so I could just grab a package and toss it in a little olive oil and salt/pepper. The Korean sweet potato, I roasted at 425F for 90 minutes before cooling and refrigerating. I ate these for breakfast. The salad greens were simply tossed with a touch of vinegar and eaten with some kidney beans or chicken.

Chicken – I bought a roasted chicken, and then put the meat in a container. When I needed some protein for my meals, I just tossed a little bit of the chicken in. I, of course, shared generously with my dog.

Okay. Back to work. I have procrastinated for exactly 72 minutes now.

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