Big Avocado

A couple weekends ago, I found this:

That is an extra-large egg next to the avocado!

It was labeled as a California Avocado, but according to to there are several other varieties. The one that seemed to match was the “Bacon” variety. According to the description, the seed should be large and the flavor should be mild. The avocado, true to the online description, had a giant seed.

And the flavor was mild. I made a quick little spread of the avocado (and it made a large bowl!) with a little tomato, cumin, and a diced shallot. It was absolutely delicious!

I couldn’t eat it all, so I ended up throwing half of it away the next morning when it had turned to gray mush. But it occured to me that I didn’t know any other recipes for avocado…. what does one do with lots of avocado?

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