Leaking Helium

I landed last night at 10:30pm and I was thrilled to finally be done traveling, but as my friend drove me to my apartment I felt a bit like a leaking balloon. Deflating, slowly. You know, the kind of balloons that have such a slow leak that you don’t realize it until they are inches off the ground and minutes from being popped by a stray kick. Dramatic right? But this semester has been particularly taxing, between school and the constant need to pick myself up. It’s tiring to cheer yourself up all of the time.

Anyway, before I went on my little trip, on one of my little market runs my curiosity was piqued when I saw these gorgeous hot pink dragonfruits and a display of weird green citrus looking fruits. The sign said they were “uniq fruit” from Jamaica.

The dragonfruit was breathtakingly gorgeous, but shockingly not delicious. I expected the flavor to be exotic, sweet, and fragrant. Instead the texture and flavor was closer to a radish… I tried to eat more than a single piece but it didn’t happen. So, if you happen to see dragonfruit, I would buy them as decoration and that’s it.

The uniq fruit on the other hand… I wish I had bought the whole cartload of them! It’s like any citrus we’re familiar with in the States. It’s not acidic or sharp like most oranges. The flavor is quiet, sweet and fragrant. Light and simply refreshing. So, should you see one, I absolutely encourage you to buy it! It was delicious!

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