Inside My Head

I bake and cook to blow off steam.Something about the mixing and patient stirring chills me out. I don’t often use recipes, and if I do, I rarely follow them. I tweak and stir and do my own thing. I get mixed results, sometimes good, sometimes terrific and other times just flat out gross. But, when I do hit something out of the park and someone asks for a recipe, I’m always at a loss. Because I bake and cook in a bit of firestorm of energy, I don’t often write down what I did. I can remember the day of, but normally a few days pass and I’m off trying to make something else. This year, I attempted to write down the things I did when I was cooking… I thought I could make my own little booklet of recipes that are tried and true.

In the last couple weeks – this is what I ended up with

I was going to organize it all today, but all of the baking and cooking is just for me. It’s to relax and just let go… so I decided not to impose my super organized neurotic being on the single indoor activity that chills me out. After all, hobbies are just for fun, right?


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