You know when you get stuck in a situation that just sucks? You’re in that position even though you didn’t do anything wrong, and no matter what you do – you are just stuck. Helpless because whichever way you try to resolve the problem, you’re still screwed.

I came to law school because I hated feeling that way. I hated feeling like someone was screwing me over. I hated seeing other people try to take advantage of my family and my friends. I hated feeling like I had no way to protect myself, no matter how hard I fought.

Anyway, I’m feeling particularly annoyed because someone is making my sister’s life difficult, and even though know she’ll prevail legally… I have the overwhelming urge to run up to the bastard and throttle him. Physically make him helpless and vulnerable. I want to push him up against a wall and break every single bone in his hands, and explain to him why acting like an insufferable jackass isn’t nice.


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