I’ve been up since 5 trying to work on my paper, and it’s just not happening. So I’m writing a list of things on my mind so I can get back to focusing….. 9 pages down – 11 more to go!

  1. I don’t wear flip flops unless I’m walking the dog or going to the beach/pool.
  2. I have to figure out how I’m going to study and write all my exams. I didn’t study all semester and now I feel screwed
  3. My dog puked last night, and then rubbed her little pukey face on my blanket, so I’m smelling puke. I’m going to need to bleach everything
  4. I’m running out of bleach
  5. My stomach is still upset from DR, so I’m sticking to drinking tons of water and coke. Ahhhhh
  6. Someone told me a story about how we first met… I don’t remember, but apparently I hit on him and told him he was cute. Wonderful.
  7. I have an interview at 3:00pm, and I don’t have any clean pants for my suit – so I’ll be stuck in a skirt… but I don’t have any clean tights. Stupid laundry
  8. I’ve been bitching about my neighbor, but I’m suddenly feeling charitable so I’m ignoring it. Plus… it could be worse right?
  9. I’m debating on running a full marathon. Though judging by the massive quantities of caffeinated beverages I need to drink to write for 4 hours…. I might need to just stick to the normal 1/2
  10.  I’m “talking” to this guy… but I think I’m over it already. I just don’t feel the need to commit just yet. I mean really, single life is just awesome.
  11. I was accused of being “not very affectionate” – just for the record, fuck you. I just don’t work that way. You know what you got into when you met me, so get over it. I mean really, I just want to be left alone. Why is that so hard?
  12. My goal in life is to finish law school, and then spend the rest of my life having fun. Who goes to law school for fun? This shit isn’t fun at all.
  13. I’m working on losing 10 more pounds, so I’m starting to cut out the excess carbs and the high calorie drinking (I’m pretty sure I gained about 5 pounds this weekend from drinking jack and coke)
  14. I haven’t skinned a knee since 10th grade. But this weekend I skinned both of my knees and scraped up my palms. I mean really…
  15. I like purple highlighters – and I need another since mine is dying a slow death at the hands of my cert paper
  16. And that is all.

Back to work!

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