My Best Friend

Happy Birthday Boo!!

It has been just over three years since you came into my life, and I feel so lucky to have you. Every morning I wake up and laugh because you are rolled over snoring or breathing little clouds of stinky dog breath on me. I love your fuzzy little feet and your floppy ears. I love your curled tail and your insistence to sleep in my dirty laundry. I love that you figure out how to sit on slippery chairs and pull the shower curtain up to interrupt my showers. I love that you change colors all of the time. You were black and tan, and then snow white, and right now you are some weird tan color. I love that you are picky and refuse to eat treats. I love when you run and your ears flop and you hop around like a bunny rabbit.

And right now? I love that you cheer me up when I need a laugh because finals are kicking my ass. I love that you faithfully wait by the door for me to come back from the library and then drool on my lap while I review notes. I love every single little thing about you.

Happy Birthday, my baby Boo!

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