Are you all getting tired of my random little thoughts and lack of recipes? I promise I’ll be back as soon as finals are over… in the mean time it’ll be my random, stream of consciousness little posts whenever I need a break from studying. BLAH!

So yesterday, I ran into a friend who was telling me that he and his girlfriend got back together… they had broken up a couple weeks ago, but decided to give it another shot. He then said, that this was how it went, you break up five or six times before you really just put an end to it. And since it was only their 2nd break up, they were still going strong. Which I thought was interesting, because I’m the exact opposite. If the words “it’s over” or “break up” even come out of my mouth or the guy’s mouth – it’s over. I just think that if those thoughts cross your mind, then it’s not working out. Because, if it is meant to be, I think you would want to stick together and fight together no matter what. I think a relationship should be like family… no matter what you are always together. So, if one person were to think they wanted to let go… then they aren’t the right one. I know it’s a hard standard to live up to, but I would rather be without someone, than someone who will give up when it’s hard. All of the hardships we endure, make everything else that much sweeter… so if someone isn’t willing to get over those hard bits, I don’t think they are worth it.

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