I haven’t been cooking or baking since I have been inundated with work for finals… why is that I know I’m going to be screwed at the end of the semester, but I still procrastinate? Why? (I know the answer!! Because I would rather run and do fun stuff! Because it’s better to be miserable for 3 weeks cramming, than to be miserable the whole semester!!! Haha)

Anyway, on Sunday I bought handmade ravioli at the farmer’s market from this adorable man. I put them in the freezer so I didn’t have to worry that my utter domestic neglect would ruin it… and I had some yesterday. It was so delicious. I didn’t have sauce, and even plain these little beef and spinach ravioli were sublime. So good. I’ll post pictures and more detailed reviews and the name of the gentleman later, but I did want to share that!

I also bought a chunk of garlic cheese, I’ll also post pictures of that later, and it was so good. I ate half of the block standing at my counter after my run last night.

Yeah… that’s all I have to share. (See how crazy you get when you spend 75% of your day inside reading boring shit about police arrests and warrants and evidentiary relief?)

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