I have two more days left of utter hell before I am finally done with 2L year. This morning, I woke up at 6 and immediately started writing. At 4:50pm I turned in my 21 page (single spaced) cert paper. The deadline was 5:00pm. SWEET!

Now, I’m writing another paper… on immunity. I just don’t remember what it is… oh dear. Anyway, these are some things that I own and adore.

Mango Wood Bowl – I normally fill this with the candy of the month and leave it on my counter. But I love this bowl because I bought it in undergrad when I was having a bad day… and it’s pretty. It’s the perfect shape and size for candy and it looks nice on my counter.

These are my new flats. They’re a little tight, but I couldn’t pass them up. They are just so sweet and pretty

And finally, just some random pictures 🙂

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