Final Thoughts of My 2L Year

I’m in the last few hours of my 2L year. After a grueling three weeks of exam studying and writing… I’m sitting in the library in the waning time and furiously typing to finalize my paper.

When I first came to law school, I came with the intention of learning to protect myself and my loved ones. I wanted to know what laws would protect me, and which ones would prevent others from taking advantage of me… but in the 2 years I have been here… I’m not sure I learned any of that. I know how to turn the words of the law into offensive replies. I know how the law has been used to the advantage of people who do not need the help of law to survive. I have written hundreds of pages about the multiple interpretation of law, and how it can be construed to benefit whichever side the professor sees fit.

I’m writing a paper on how court made law is constructed to protect the interests of the government and their violations of constitutional rights of individuals. And for me, this is the hardest paper I will write this year and it’s a mere 12 pages. Hard because I know my professor believes that the government’s interests are paramount to anything else. And I disagree. I believe that the law is to protect the country, it is to protect the people that do not have a voice and that cannot recover from damages to their person. I believe the intention of law is to protect, and to make us better people together. Instead, I’m writing a paper about the permissibility of constitutional right violations. You know, those rights that we are inherently born with. Freedom, speech, and our own sense of self. So, I’m sitting here trying to come up with reasons why we should let some people trample on our rights. Why? I understand the doctrine underlying the principles – we don’t want to clog the legal system with lawsuits against government officials who are trying to do their jobs… but there are some government officials that really need to be taken to court and cleaned from head to toe. And… what does that mean? A government official can stomp on my inherent rights as a human and a U.S. Citizen… AND on top of it, I can’t assert my rights to take him to court to have justice. And how about him? Does that mean he can take ME to court if I violate his rights as a person? Something is not right here…

And this is not the only place where I have felt that we, as a nation, have forgotten the purpose of law. Law is not to hurt each other. Law is for protection and guidance. And yet, here I am writing pages on how to screw my fellow people – the ones that need their rights and voices most.

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