Summer Break

After finals, and that one final niggling paper that I had (and finished with a full hour to spare!), I was thrilled to be done and excited to be school-free. I was looking forward to racing in the Maryland Half Marathon… and then as I crossed the finish line, I felt something snap in my foot. I tried to run, but my foot started to really hurt… So I did the smart thing, and put my running shoes away. I gave myself 7 days. But during those 7 days, I was losing my mind. I never realized what a big chunk of time running takes up… and how much time I spend plotting routes and getting ready for my runs. But, there I was with my feet in ice water and trying to take it easy. When the 7 days was FINALLY up, I laced up my shoes and shot out of my door with my music, THRILLED to be back on my feet. I was supposed to run an easy 3 miles to make sure the foot was feeling better, but just as I was settling into my 1st mile, my feet slipped on the curb and I fell (cartoon style) flat on my face. I scraped both of my palms, my left elbow, and my left knee. I tried to run the next mile, but ended up limping back home with blood pooling in my left shoe. That curb really took a chunk out of my arms and legs!

So, I am finally (after over 2 weeks of resting) ready to run again!!! But the point is, I am back. I will post new and delicious recipes soon!!!



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