A new friend, waefarer,  recently tagged and nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I was in one of those half dazes, so when I read her comment I did one of those dumb kid faces and went… “huh??” and just to show you how in love with my puppy I am I immediately thought, “She likes my doggie?! ME TOO!” Regardless of my silliness, Ms. waefarer very kindly nominated me for the award, and posted the requirements of the nomination. 1. Thank the person who nominated you, 2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself, 3. Pass the nomination on to 7 other bloggers.


1. Ms. waefarer – thank you so much for the nomination. I hadn’t read your blog prior, but now that I have, I can see why others have nominated you too. Your insights and your honesty are compelling and I really enjoyed reading your posts!

2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself: I often write lists of things that I think of on this blog. So, I will try my hardest to list things that I haven’t already shared

  • At any given time, if someone were to ask me “what are you thinking?” I would honestly have to say “nothing.” I never realized that the majority of the population is thinking about something all of the time… but me? Not a thing. I have to actively think about thinking to have something running through my head. The only times I can honestly say that my head is occupied is in the first mile of my run when I’m working through my day and chewing over the fact that I probably look ridiculous in my spandex and that my face jiggles when I run. (Overshare? Too bad.)
  • No matter what, I have to take a shower before I get in bed. I used to have this idea as a kid that germs stuck to my clothing, so I had to shower and change into “clean” clothes before getting into my “clean” bed, otherwise the bad germs would follow me to bed. Regardless, the habit has stuck, and no matter how tired I am, I always take a shower before I go to bed. I can think of a handful of times when I haven’t, but those may or may not have been because I may or may not have had an extra glass of wine at dinner.
  • I try to be as nice as I can to everyone I meet because my mommy told me to and because I need to have a leg to stand on when I rip into someone for being an ass. (Seriously.)
  • I don’t understand the phrase “the one that got away.” I believe that in relationships if either person thinks about leaving or wants out at any point… it’s over. So, to me, if the other person wants to leave, then they should. I won’t stop them or beg. If they wanted to go, I will let them. They don’t get away… we just move on in life.
  • I can read extremely fast. I never realized this was a talent I had, but my sister told me it is. I can read a 300+ novel in less than it takes to fly from New York to Miami. However! Law school textbooks? It’ll take me the better part of a week to get through 300 pages, unless seriously motivated by the impending doom of an exam.
  • My beauty routine is irritatingly fast to my girl friends. I can take a shower, do my hair and makeup, dress, and be out the door in less than 30 minutes.
  • I have never said, “I love you” to a boyfriend and meant it.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers

  • Koritt at Funny Eater – She posts recipes, comments about her day, and how she goes about eating with a busy schedule. She’s real and fun.
  • Luisa at The Wednesday Chef – Luisa has some amazing recipes, and I’ve been following her blog for the last two years. Her recipes and posts have gotten me through some horribly boring law school lectures!
  • Connie at Oui Chef Cook – Because her blog has tips, facts, and advice on things that I am constantly googling. She has amazing insights on how to cook, and her blog always makes me want to try cooking something new. And, when I made softshell crabs and was squealing in the kitchen like a monkey – she immediately tweeted back to my frantic tweets!
  • Sara at Sprouted Kitchen – Because her recipes are they way real people cook for themselves. She has amazing pictures and she’s super pretty!
  •  Becky at Chef Reinvented – She posts some interesting facts about fish and techniques on cooking fish. I don’t cook with fish often, but I like the insight!
  • Running and Stuff – A blog with tons of information about running and personal experiences on ultramarathoning. I don’t often like reading other runner blogs because people are just so crazy… but this one I like
  • Mercedes at Desert Candy – She has some amazing and unique recipes… I stumbled across her blog when I was looking for a random recipe and have followed along since.

Thank you again for the nomination!



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