I have a whole passel of recipes for you. Hot pink pasta, a little run in with crabs (man those things move FAST), chicken salad the way Jon likes it, and all of this other stuff… but some how in the last two weeks this has gotten lost in the shuffle. Plus, I got my new camera and I play with that thing all day. And then my job… and then my running. I mean. I just don’t know where all the time went… but a lot of it has been spent rolling around in piles of clothing as I try to clean out my closet. It’s just so…. BLAH and after I take everything out I just nap in the piles. I must be taking after my dog these days.

Anyway, since I don’t have my recipes together, or my kitchen…I’ve been throwing everything willnilly into the dishwasher these days. Dear All-Clad. Forgive me… I’m sharing a little bit about me for comic amusement or otherwise.

  1. I used to love ice cream. Love it. I’d let it melt and stir it together and call it Monster Soup. And then eat it. I was a weird kid. But… I realized this year that I don’t actually like it. If I have ice cream in my freezer, it’ll sit there until it gets all icy and then I throw it out.
  2. I already knew this, but people are always surprised when I say it. I hate frosting. It’s gross. It’s sugar and crap on a cake. I also hate corner pieces of cake and cupcakes for this reason… so much freaking frosting.
  3. Yesterday, I wore this fluffy dress to work. But the side of it got bunched up under my bag as I was walking, which I didn’t realize. So by the time I got to work, I was showing a good portion of Kaprise Kitchen ass.
  4. I sent my puppy to my parents house while I get my stuff together for my marathon… and this morning I woke up and instinctively reached for my puppy. So. I miss her.
  5. I wear a hat when I run because I don’t want people to see my face. I’m not cute when I run. I get read and I grimace.
  6. Today I am wearing an outfit that I wore when I was 16. It’s a little tight, but I’m wearing it anyway.
  7. I hate people who cheat. I despise cheaters. Cheating is bad. I had an ex once tell me that if “everyone is doing it, it’s not cheating, it’s the standard” which I think is the worst theory on earth. It’s even stupider than telling me the earth is flat. Cheating is bad and it just tells everyone else how insecure and stupid you are. No matter what, we all need to have standards. My standard? Cheating is bad. Lying is bad. And these are things that should never be done

Right. Back to work. I have a big run today. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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