Hurricane Irene was supposed to flood an animal shelter near my apartment, so I volunteered to take care of one of the dogs. Zeke is a chubby little ball of happiness, but I had to give him back today because he’s supposed to meet someone tomorrow that wants him. When I put him back in that little crappy cage, I nearly lost it. I cried the whole way there and back. I still fee l awful that I left him there. He’s just a little dog and I can’t keep him permanently, but I feel like a terrible person for taking him back to the shelter. I know the shelter is a high-kill shelter because there is just not enough room for all of the dogs. And I can’t keep another dog, I just have too much on my plate and I already have one. but his little face clouded when I closed the door on his face. I’ve never felt so poorly about anything in my life. He’s just a little dog that someone abandoned on the side of a highway and I ditched him too.

I might have to just go get him tomorrow. I think my heart is breaking.


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