Making A Change

Last week I told a friend that I would no longer be skipping class, because it is truly a waste of money to skip classes that I have so precariously put myself in six digit debt to pay for. And then I proceeded to skip the next two classes. Which is just so unlike me. I never skipped class in college and in 1L year, I almost never missed a class. I was at school promptly and paid attention, so in reflecting back I am disappointed that I have not improved over the couple years, but instead I have regressed to a class-skipping kid. Further, my apartment is just messy. My clothing isn’t folded or hung properly, things are simply stuffed into shelves and there are things dropped across my apartment. Dust (DUST!??!?!) was on my counter this morning.  So as I walked to class, I vowed that this week, I will make a change. I will get my life together. I will be the highly functioning, intelligent, and well rounded person I know that I am.
I deactivated my facebook account, because I spend too much time on it and really, how much do I actually care about people uploading stupid pictures? Not much really.
I wrote a list of the things I need to tick off, and… I will be back with more recipes and more inspirational things here.
In life, we can only trust ourselves to be happy and inspired. I have faith in myself. So here is to pulling it together and being the best me possible.

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