So. Bored.

So. I’m unemployed… and you’d think that will all this extra time that I would be doing something amazing with my time… but truth be told? I pretty much sit around glued to my laptop surfing the web for random things and then I sit around obsessing about random things. Today I spent a good 3 hours looking at feathers. Yes. Feathers. Because I decided that I really, really need this adorable feathered vest. Unfortunately it’s sold out, so I thought “I WILL MAKE IT” and spent the better part of my afternoon plotting how to emulate this little vest. This is what I want: 






Anyway… In an attempt to collect my thoughts of be more productive, I’m going to post a bit more here. Maybe the audience will help me feel some responsibility to moving on and getting back into shape.

Goals for this week:

  1. Run every other day
  2. Apply for 5 jobs (okay. I should apply for like 50)
  3. Finish one creative project
  4. Cook something. Anything… and share with you guys!

Oh… I also spend a lot of time playing with my hair. I found these little clip-in extensions that I have had for a couple years, and decided to sweep my hair up with them… it’s fun!



I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply… and I believe THESE are the ones I have. 

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