The Thing About Crackers…

The thing about crackers… is that you need tons of good cheese.

A week or so ago, my friend came over (and gave me her stupid cold) and we had some cheese and wine. She’s big on fancy cheese… fancy and stinky cheese. Me? I like cheese, but not the same way she does. I like my brie, camembert, cheddar, gouda, and other basically non-offensive cheeses. I have a bit of a sensitive nose and I’m constantly plagued with the question “What is THAT smell?!”

Part of my Sunday Seven this week included a picture of cheeses. I realize the picture isn’t clear enough (iphone pictures, you know…) so I thought I’d clarify and give my opinions on the cheeses on the platter, plus my two favorites (not pictured).




From left to right: 3 year Aged Cheddar, Port Salut, Premoo, St. Andre, Humboldt Fog

My two favorites (not pictured): Boucheron and Midnight Moon 


First of all… my favorite of all is the Boucheron. It’s a soft goat cheese. It’s got a gooey outside and a slightly firmer inner core. It is SO good. A guy I dated a while back introduced me to this cheese (and a particularly pungent bleu that made me gag) and this one stuck with me. In fact, even though I was furious at him I got back in touch with him because I NEEDED to know the name of the cheese again. Yup. I’m motivated by my stomach.

Second favorite? The Midnight Moon. Also goat cheese, but hard. It can be grated like a parmesan, but the flavor is rounder and more mild. It’s delicious with slices of pear and other mild fruit.

After that? The Port Salut and Premoo (which is The Fresh Market speciality) were high on my list.

The others were unremarkable. However, I will make a note about the St. Andre. I found it to be a little bitter and sour tasting. I can’t describe the exact smell I got from it, but I was displeased and ate very little of this one.

🙂 I’ll keep you posted on the other cheeses I try!

xoxo ~ h

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