Sunday Seven

Eeek! I almost forgot that today was SUNDAY!! The weeks have just been whizzing by and I’m still studying… I need to do more!

Anyway! Here are my seven… I’ll have to load pictures later (also… I’ve figured out Instagram… so I put a little link in the left hand side bar. Click away! You can see live updates of what I’m doing!)

  1. Almond Hazelnut Scones with chunks of cherries and chocolate. DIVINE! (I’m posting this recipe TOMORROW!)
  2. Pretty Socks to keep my feet warm while I study and to brighten up my day
  3. Random nice people. Like the guy at the gas station who couldn’t get my gas cap open (and might have jammed it even more…) but was super nice and friendly even though his fingers were probably breaking off in the cold.
  4. Coconut Water… I’m unusually thirsty today so I’m really loving anything liquid. I think I drank 4 of them today plus two huge bottles of water. So. Thirsty.
  5. Miniatures of anything… I love mini mint tins and teeny little binder clips. They make my day
  6. Great shopping deals. I just got this amazing summer dress on super super sale, and I’m thrilled. I’ll share pictures once it is warm enough to wear
  7. Beautiful shoes… because no matter what I just like having beautiful things on my feet. I recently opened a box of boots that I’ve had fo a while, and they still make me smile. Pretty!

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