Sunday Seven

I’m a day late, but I still named my post “Sunday Seven” because it is actually a combination of the things I liked from last week. I’m running a bit behind because I had family visiting from Korea. I love having guests, but unfortunately this time I wasn’t nearly as fun since I am still studying for my bar exam (slowly… very slowly). Anyway – on to the list and pictures!!


Hearts of Palm – I always forget how much I enjoy eating these, but my sister and mother recently picked up a few jars and I demolished them… and then went and bought more. I love them cold out of the fridge. I didn’t take a picture, but you should watch this awesome video about how hearts of palm are harvested… the link:


The ice and snow in the woods… and capturing these stunning icicles!




Remembering to take my camera while walking my dog, so I can capture moments like these: SONY DSC



Quinoa Cakes – a new recipe I came up with using leftovers in the fridge and turned out AMAZING. I’ll post the recipe in the next couple of days



These gorgeous macaroons that my cousins brought over for dessert. Seriously delicious and beautifully colored!



Chapstick. The original boring one! I was out and forgot a lip product and felt that my lips were too dry… so I went back to my high school standby and I fell in love with it all over again!


And… my readers!! I’m so thankful that you visit and read and give me motivation to keep up my little blog!


What were your “favorites” from this week??

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