Sunday Seven

First, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR’S!!!! I think it’s pretty serendipitous that Lunar New Year’s Day lands on a Sunday Seven day this year!

On to the list!

ONE: This picture. Boo is so focused on that piece of sweet potato, and her new little pink harness kills me.


TWO: My NEW RoadID (I’ll do a review next)



THREE: This adorable piggie cookies my father bought me… Not tasty, but cute!

FOUR: This rooibos tea that is good enough to replace my longtime favorite (which was discontinued…. grrr)SONY DSC

FIVE: Finding the last Salazon bar!! Delicious! Go HERE for the reviews of the other ones.


SIX: Snow… This is me shoveling!


SEVEN: Rediscovering an old past-time… Polymer clay!SONY DSC

What about you guys? What are you thankful for this week?

xoxo- H

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