Notes on Baja Fish

I was thinking about the recipe I posted earlier today, and I couldn’t help but wonder “what is baja fish?” Because my fishmonger simply had a little sign that said “baja” fish and told me it was good… so I bought it.

I mean… I know where cod is from. I know what it looks like. I know what tuna is from. I know what that looks like too. I have a general understanding of fish (did I ever tell you I was a waitress at a sushi place?)… but I’ll be honest, “baja” was not something that I was adequately familiar. Plus I wrote this recipe, and I didn’t want to give anyone mis-information (because bad information really sucks).

So… I sat down and went off googling. Turns out… there isn’t really anything called “baja fish.” In fact, I’m still pretty unclear on exactly what fish I ate this morning…

But! I did want to let you guys know… and tell you that I will figure it out and when I do, I’ll update you.

That is all.

xoxo -H

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