Sunday Seven

… I was taking a shower when I realized I didn’t post my Sunday Seven. But, I have a good excuse. I’ve been actually behaving and focusing on studying so I haven’t taken many pictures this week. So, without further ado, the Sunday Seven (minus pictures).

  1. Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Caramel – Seriously… this chocolate is just so darned good I ate it for dinner twice this week.
  2. Basa Fish Bites – Also, delicious and totally amazing.
  3. Plastic Bead Organizers – I bought some from Michael’s for $2 a pop and I spent a few hours organizing my room as a study break. I feel so much more organized and happy. I might go back and buy more to put my make up and other knickknacks away in
  4. Little oranges (clementines?) – the Cuties brand ones are just so darned cute and delicious
  5. Using up a whole highlighter in a single sitting… because it means I actually did a lot of work!! (Nerd Alert!!!)
  6. Mini cans of coca-cola… I love the smaller 90 calorie cans. Cuter, and the perfect amount of soda.
  7. Totally and utterly random craft projects. I watched an hour of TV and made a giant fuzzy pompom. Awesome!

What about you guys? What have you guys been enjoying this last week? (albeit a little delayed!)


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