Sunday Seven

I’m back, I’m back. My Sunday Seven was delayed due to some really weird circumstances. Quick trip to DC, NY, two car repair shops, and 4 hours in miserable traffic, and I’m back. I promise! I tried posting from my car while sitting in dead traffic…. but my phone was uncooperative.

So… my last week’s Sunday Seven…

ONE: Funny advertising for salads.


TWO: Awesome loaner while getting my car fixed

THREE: Finding those little adorable Essie nail stickers, finally!IMG_1431

FOUR: This amazing sandwich… crabcake and shrimp salad club sandwich!

FIVE: This dealership where everyone was super super nice to me.IMG_1437

SIX: Funny little book.IMG_1438

SEVEN: TexMex night with the bestie. So good!IMG_1464

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