Spring is here!!!

Hello Hello!!! I missed you guys!!! I’m still fighting a truly evil cold that I seem to have come down with. I’ve been sleeping non-stop for the last 10 days, and I still feel pretty terrible. It hurts to breath! As you can imagine, I’ve been getting a little stir crazy. I have a couple recipes coming your way… I’m only sharing pretty easy ones because I’m so winded from being sick that I needed to cook while seated. I’ll post those soon!

In the mean time, here are a bunch of pictures to keep you entertained! I’m a little sad that I haven’t been able to spend more time outdoors because it has been truly stunningly beautiful outside. Boo has been lounging outside non-stop and enjoying the breezy weather!

xoxo- H

IMG_1769 IMG_1782 IMG_1787 IMG_1790 SONY DSC IMG_1794 IMG_1804 IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1815 SONY DSC IMG_1731 IMG_1721 IMG_1734

3 thoughts on “Spring is here!!!

    • Hopefully this cold disappears fast so I can start enjoying this weather!! And yes, Boo has been an absolute darling. She keeps me laughing even when I feel terrible! I hope your spring started on a much more auspicious foot!

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