Sunday Seven

i bet you guys almost forgot I do this!!!  I don’t have many pictures from this week, but here is my list:

  1. Meeting new people!
  2. Blooming flowers and trees
  3. Finding sports bras on sale! (I know this is probably TMI, but it made me super happy!!)
  4. Discovering that Sur La Table has opened a store near me
  5. Baking my favorite treat: tapioca rolls (more on this later in the week)
  6. My new favorite candy: GinGins! The packaging cracks me up!
  7. This hilarious picture of Boo with her staticky fur first thing in the morning

SONY DSC IMG_1784 IMG_1818 IMG_1859 IMG_1874

What are your Sunday Sevens?? What are you thankful for? I hopo you all have a beautiful Sunday!

xoxo! -H

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