In Honor of Finals

Any law student knows that after Thanksgiving, it’s game time. And this mostly means that you turn into an emotionally unstable crazy person that will spend endless hours in the library reading and pulling your hair out. So, for your amusement are the little stories that come with reading statutes and cases in dark corners of the library.

  1. A friend used to wake up every morning so confused because she’d be certain she had packed her book bag before going to bed – but she’d wake up with her books scattered everywhere and hugging her laptop to her chest.
  2. My friend had a dream that she was getting mugged, and she was clutching her laptop to her chest, pleading them not to take her laptop. She even offered to give them her car. She was so relieved when she woke up, she immediately backed up all of her notes and then ran to the library
  3. A friend walked into the library bathroom to find someone brewing coffee on the bathroom counter…. more than once.
  4. I was studying when someone answered their phone in the library. I promptly stood up, glared at them and then when they didn’t get the hint told him to “shut up and take it outside.” Did I mention I found out he is a professor at my school?
  5. My friend threatened someone snoring in the library with pepper spray to get him to shut up
  6. My friends and I show up at the library armed with snacks and multiple bottles of water
  7. I almost cried when I couldn’t find an empty table on Friday night to study at the library
  8. When I see one of the good tables open on the 3rd floor, I feel a huge surge of triumph that I managed to beat the crowd so I can lay claim to the table.
  9. I run to the library

So. All the students out there, good luck!

Fleece, rain, and papers

I’m sitting in my adorable boyfriend’s apartment attempting to write my final paper for my research class. You know what writing a research paper is like? 17 pages of explaining your topic, how you researched it, and what the answer to your research question is. 17 pages?! That’s not nearly enough… and I suffer from the almost fatal addiction to last minute paper writing. In high school I wrote my junior and senior thesis in two sittings separated by a 3 hour nap. Both were due on the same day and I waited until 2 days before to write the combined 60 pages.

So this weekend, instead of actually doing work I played with friends and went shopping.